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Cache and Cachians

This is  publication put together by the Special Collections at Utah State.  It is subtitled Twenty Publications Important to the Study of Cache Valley.  It is dated 1976.  These items are from Special Collection, Merrill Library Utah State.  The twenty publications it lists, which would have been on display are:
1. Northeastern Utah and South Eastern Idaho, 1877 George M. Wheeler Cartographer.  This is the first map showing the valley floor of Cache Valley.
2. The History of a Valley: Cache Valley, Utah-Idaho, Joel Ricks Editor 1956.  I have this book in my possession.
3. A Detective's Experience Among the Mormons or Polygamist Mormons: How They Live and the Land They Live In.  Fed E, Bennett, 1887.  A look at polygamy from the side of the law.  Detective served mostly in Franklin area.  Available from Cornell University online  or through Amazon for over $100
4. A Soil Survey of Cache Valley Area, Utah: Parts of Cache and Box Elder Counties, United States Department of Agriculture, 1974.
5. Intermountain Railroads: Standard and Narrow Gauge,  Merrill Beal, 1962.  AMazon has for $10.  A review on line at
6. The Mountain Men and the Fur Trade of the Far West, Hafen, LeRoy R., editor  1965-1972
 “From at least 1824 to 1834 Cache Valley was the center of the Rock Mountain Fur Trade.  The great rendezvous of 1826 was held here, probably near the present city of Richmond.  There are numerous books dealing with the trapper era, but the ten volume work of trapper biographies edited by Prof. Hafen probably contains the most comprehensive data on Cache Valley’s roll in the fur trade.
Available through Amazon Books and excerpts online:

7. Corianton, and Aztec Romance: A Romantic Spectacular Drama, in Four Acts.  Bean, Drestes, SLC 1902
A four-act play…is Cache Valley’s principal contribution to American drama.  The play was first produced in Logan’s Thatcher Opera House and was taken on several successful nation-wide tours by a Cache Valley company.
8. The History of Smithfield: Olson, Mr and Mrs. Leonard, Smithfield 1927
“The Olson history is in every sense a “commissioned” history.  It was requested by the Smithfield City Council on August 5, 1925, and published by the city two years later… While this work uses many commonly available sources, it was partially derived from interviews with Smithfield pioneers still living in 1926 and thus may be considered a primary account of Smithfield history.
I could not find this book on the web but this article cites this book:
9.  The Mormons,  Wishard, Samuel E. New York Presbyterian Home Missions, 1904
“Gentile History is the great unknown in Cache Valley history…Wisard’s little book outlines the early history of the Presbyterians in Cache Valley.
I tried to find ebook but not successful.  Copies (reprinted?) are available through Amazon, Alibris, ebay.
10.  Ten Years Before the Mast.  Shipwrecks and Adventures at Sea!  Religious Customs of the People of India and Burmak’s Empire:  How I Became a Mormon and Why I Became and Infidel, Metcalf, Anthony, Malad City, Idaho 1888.
“:Only one copy of this book is known to exist.  The autobiography of Anthony Metcalf it records the difficulties of being a member of the Reorganized LDS Church in Cache Valley in the 1860s and 70s.”
I have been unable to find any ebook, but there is internet discussion of a quote from David Whitmer and being a witness to the Book of Mormon, which people seem to use to try to disprove the witnesses.
11. Newspaper Supplements: Special newspaper editions The Journal New Years 1892 devoted to La Plata and the Cache mining industry, The Herald Journal Centenial 1956, Golden Spike Centenial 1969 Ogden Standard Examiner.
12. Ground Water Supply in Cache Valley, Utah Available for Domestic Usr and Irrigation, Peterson, William, Logan Bulletin Utah Cooperative Extension Service 1946.
13.  Brigham Young College Bulletin: Final Volume, Final Number, Logan 1926
“This bulletin is the last published work of Logan’s BYC, an LDS College which operated from 1878 to 1926.  This publication contains the proceeding of the 48th annual commencement with the tests of the addresses on the history of the institution.”
14.  Hometown Album: a Pictorial History of Franklin County, Idaho—Horse and Buggy Days and early Auto Era, Hart, Newell, Preston Idaho 1973.
“This magnificent volume with 843 illustrations of all phases of life in northern Cache Valley is probably the finest book yet to be published on Cache Valley history.  Mr. Hart has fathered and laboriously identified each photograph and compiled as an appendix a basic chronology of north Cache Valley from 1860 to 1930.  The volume is superbly indexed.”
15. History of Northern Utah and Southern Idaho, Tullidge, Edward W. Salt Lake City 1889
“Volume II of Tullidge’s Histories.  This volume is the first historical account of Cache Valley.”
16. The Trail Blazer: History of the Development of Southeastern Idaho, Danielsen, Marie, Compiler, Preston, Daughters of the Pioneers, 1930.
“This little volume remains the basic history of Franklin county, Idaho.  Compiled in the 1920s, at least partially from pioneer interviews, it is the primary source for all subsequent histories of northern Cache Valley.”
17. Cache County: The Eden of Utah, Logan, the Logan Republican, 1916.
“This “chamber of commerce” guide to Cache County was published by the Logan Republican in the spring of 1916.  It is apparently the first such publication in Valley history, a special promotional brochure designed to encourage investment and new population growth.
No ebook
18. Logan City and Cache County Directory, 1905-1906, Polk R. L. & Co Salt Lake City 1905
19. Geologic Atlas of Utah: Cache County, William, J. Stewart Salt Lake City 1958
20. The Story of Old Ephraim, Crookston, Newell J. Logan 1959
“Cache is a valley-oriented society.  Very little has ever been published about the mountains surrounding us or the wildlife therein.  Crookston’s booklet is one of only two works on the bears which once roamed the mountains and the valley floor.

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