Saturday, November 10, 2012

Swine Flu Epidemic of 1976

The swine flu epidemic was felt by millions of Americans; not because they became ill, but because of the inoculation program.  There was reason to scared when a young military recruit  from the flu.  It was the same flu which struck in 1918-1919 and killed half a million Americans (including some of my father's family).  However in the end more people died from the vaccination than the disease.  (See the above links for more information.)  I got my shot this evening, with a new air gun type delivery system.  It didn't hurt much.  This is a report on the inoculation program in rural Hyrum, Utah from the Hyrum Crusader, November 1976

 Swine Flu Vaccines: Hyrum Residents Receive Shots
"No I'm not scared; I haven't really worried about it," Mrs Eldon Nielsen said as she waited her turn to be vaccinated for swine flu.  Mrs. Nielsen made this comment on the evening of October 29 when she and approximately 1400 other people were vaccinated at Lincoln School in Hyrum.
Marlow Archibald said he felt it was OK that the federal government was spending money for vaccinations, but didn't know if it was a necessary precaution.
The swine flu vaccination program is being sponsored by the federal government.  The vaccinations given in Hyrum were given by the Bear River District Health Department centered in Logan, with the help of several local volunteers, according to Dr Bailey, director of the Bear River District Health Department.
When asked why a special vaccination was being given this year, Bailey pointed out swine flu has not been carried in humans recently and therefore have no natural immunity to the disease.  It is felt that the low resistance to the disease could be dangerous it broke out.  Recent cases were reported in Kentucky last year and were the first since 1920.
Dr. Bailey also pointed out there is no correlation between this flu virus and other flu viruses.  "This (swine flu shot) has no effecgt on the regular flu shot," he said.
He also said the swine flu virus has been carried in animals for some time and has only recently jumped to men.
The shots are still pretty experimental, Dr Bailey added.  "They may last two or three years or just one, we'll have to wait and see."  This is the first time this vaccine has been used.  He explained this is why they weren't sure if people aged 18-25 would need two shots or one.
When quizzed about the use of the "gun" as a method of vaccination, Dr. Bailey felt both systems (the gun and the needle) were just as effective but the gun could give more shots faster.  He said neither hurt very much.
Although approximately 1400 people were vaccinated at the Hyrum clinic, it is no indication of how many Hyrum residents received the vaccination.  Hyrum citizens have gotten shots at other clinic s and also all the people who got shots in Hyrum were from Hyrum, Bailey concluded.


  1. Ruth Palmer Roberts: I don't recall that too clear, but I do remember when everyone had to go to Lincoln Elementary to get the sugar cubes with the polio vaccine in it.

  2. Beth Adams I did in a local schoolhouse

  3. Beth Adams I did in a local schoolhouse

    Wayne Frankhauser Yes, stood in line for I don't remember how long
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    Terry Carlsen
    Terry Carlsen yes

    Julie S. Kraus I did and I was pregnant. It didn't have any bad effects and it kept me well so the baby could be born. It was recommended to get it done and would be better for the baby than for me to get so sick I couldn't take care of the baby before and after it was born.

    Janae Lee Noooo and I still don't!!!!

  4. Barbara Gutke I had the swine flu. I've never been so sick!👎😩

    Linda Gittins Cole No, but I got the swine flu! Not fun, I was really sick.