Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Biographical Documentary Review: Thurgood Marshall Justice For All

Thurgood Marshall Justice For All, 2010. A&E Biography
This film was produced for the biography series.  Contrary to Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall was a champion of civil rights in the courts.  He had attended black schools throughout his life, including law school.  He attended Howard University Law School and graduated top of his class. 
After graduating he became associated with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.  He represented them as their lawyer.  In this role, he was able to influence the courts to rule against segregation.  One of his major goals was to end segregation in schools, arguing there is no such thing as “separate but equal.”  He did eventually accomplish this.  However, after the adoption of desegregation he had to convince people to obey the law.  Eventually President Eisenhower had to call out the National Guard to help in this regard. 
President Kennedy nominated Marshall for appointment as a federal judge.  President Johnson would nominate him as the first African American Justice on the Supreme Court.  His nomination was supported broadly, however he was a very liberal voice on the court, believing the constitution to be a living and faulty document with need of amendment to promote civil rights and the freedoms first envisioned.

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