Monday, September 15, 2014

Eva Peron's Glamor and Juan Peron's Rise

This is from a couple of articles I saved over the years.  I would like to credit the source, but do not have this available.  It is interesting how Juan Peron identified himself as the savior of the poor people, while he himself and his wife lived in opulence.  Juan Peron and Eva (Evita) Duarte met in 1943 and were married in 1945. 
In a Movie, "The Encaged Cat of the Circus

The Actress
The Boxer

Shortly after the wed

Minister of Defense 1943

The Glamour

Before 1946 Presidential Inauguation

They Take of their jackets to show unity with the poor.  "We are all shirtless now"

Evita's audience with the Pope

City decked to honor Evita's death
Evita's funeral viewing

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