Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: Navajo People

Navajo People: Native American Tribes by Mary Null Boule, Merryant Publishers Inc., 2003.
This is the second of her series I have looked at.  I am disappointed in them both and am not going to look at her books anymore.  Over half the book is taken by a description of Native Americans in general.  She concludes this saying how the Native Americans lived in peace and harmony for thousands of years and then the White man came who rarely even asked permission to take over the land.  I think the author is propagandizing.  These books are not fit for schools.  It appears their production is geared to take advantage of required school reporting on native Americans.  The author’s bias should be left to herself and it was a sad day these books were published.  
I was wondering if I learned anything new.  I liked the description of the hogan and how they are made.  However the author didn't even talk about the matriarchal society nor the clans.

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