Saturday, August 22, 2015

Adair Iowa: Site of First Successful Train Robbery

Site of the first train robbery in the Western United States was in Iowa in 1873.  This was conducted by the James Younger gang and resulted in the death of the engineer.  Wikipedia tells the story briefly: On July 21, 1873, the gang carried out its first train robbery, derailing a locomotive of the Rock Island Railroad near Adair, Iowa. Engineer John Rafferty died in the crash. The outlaws took $2,337 (equivalent to $38,000 in 2015[3]) from the express safe in the baggage car, having narrowly missed a transcontinental express shipment of a large amount of cash.

The track goes through a narrow wooded gorge.  It would have been easy to ambush.
This pictures is taken from a bridge which was not there in 1873.

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