Monday, August 3, 2015

Documentary Review: Lee & Grant

Lee & Grant, History Channel (2011)

This is a made for History Channel Documentary and includes the typical methods of the History Channel for telling the story.  It is narrated by Jonathan Frakes.  They have re-enactors as well as professionals telling the story and offering their opinions.  The re-enacting is very gruesome and very bloody.  However it does a good job of telling the story, up until July 4, 1863.  I guess it concludes that even though the war would continue for a couple years more, it was pretty much done then.  We don’t even get where Grant and Lee confronted each other directly.  I like the story of the childhoods of each of the men.  Grant had a great love for horses, and was only a mediocre student at West Point.  However he did make his mark in the Mexican American War.  I think the stuff about his alcohol usage was over played, but this was the fault of the newspaper media of the time.  Abraham Lincoln was always a Grant supporter because he actually won battles.  During the early part of the war, he was the only general winning battles.  Lee on the other had, could not afford to lose battles, and he did.  It was the Confederate loss at Gettysburg, and the Union victory at Vicksburg upon which the movie concluded that all was down hill for the Confederacy after this point and the fate of the war was decided.  

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