Friday, August 28, 2015

The Doobie Brothers Behind The Music

There are a few things I didn't know about the Doobie Brothers.  They are a band which formed in San Jose and made their debut in the 70s playing the local club scene.  The originally called themselves PUD.  They then hit upon a regular club in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Chateau Liberte, which was a Hells Angels Biker Club hang out. Their early sound was geared to this population.  A demo tape earned them a contract with Warner Brothers.  They couldn't continue with their original name, and came up with Doobie Brothers, which basically means marijuana joint brothers.  They released their first album, which really wasn't a success.  This resulted in their back to the club scene, and adding a few new members.  Over the years the members of the band have changed several times.  They came up with their first hit single by listening to the radio.  "Listen to the Music" written by Pat Simmons took off and the rest is history, with many bumps along the way.  One of the band members, Bobbie Lakind, succumbed to heroine addiction and colon cancer.  Other band members also had substance abuse issues.  The band disbanded at one point, and subsequently has come back together.

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