Monday, November 2, 2015

Documentary Review: Back In Time

This is a documentary look at the making of the movie "Back to the Future," and the place of the movie in our society.  The most interesting part was the making of the movie.  It took numerous rejections, and gaining a little success elsewhere, before the studios would but their support behind this film.  The movie then jumps forward to the De Lorean time machine replicas and the fan circuit.  They probably could have spent five minutes in this area instead of the almost an hour (or so it seemed.)  Then there is a bit of comparing their 2015 to what really has taken place.  They have hoover boards, flat screen TV's, they are working on flying cars, we have drones, we have video calling now.  This is mostly interesting stuff.  A movie about going back and meeting your parents when they are your age is really intriguing, and this movie delivered the goods.  This documentary less so.  

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