Thursday, November 12, 2015

Documentary Review: Hitler's RIches

The theme of this documentary is that Hitler was a billionaire.  However, his will only accounted for about 60,000 dollars (much more in today's money but not a billion dollars.  Most of his wealth was hidden in properties and artworks.  He purchased the artwork, at bargain prices from artwork confiscated by the German government for the Nazi Party.  Most of this artwork was stored in an old salt mine because of the natural characteristic of the mine to preserve items.  However, most of his wealth was in properties.  Hitler had over 100 properties, many in pristine locations.
He had begun his accumulation of wealth through royalties on his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle).  The German government required all new married couples in Germany to receive a copy of this book, which was purchased by the government, and the royalties going to Hitler.  This resulted in a government sponsored source of income for Hitler.  However the ability to purchase properties, furniture and artworks at whatever price he chose to pay lead to a great accumulation of wealth.  The will he left was a public gesture, to show the people he had very little, and gave what he had back to the government and the Nazi Party.

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