Thursday, November 26, 2015

Secrets of the Third Reich: Hitler's Madness

This documentary form the Smithsonian Channel looks at the question, Was Hitler Mad?  After WWI Hitler was hospitalized with temporary blindness due to mustard gas.  He was also at a hospital that also treated battle fatigue and venereal diseases.  From this incident there is the hint that Hitler may have been treat for both.  However the official record indicates his treatment was limited to gas poisoning.  Hitler may have had battle fatigue as a result.
However, Hitler did have other ailments during the war.  A noted one was flatulence.  This may have been because of Hitler's vegetarian diet.  His doctor, Theodor Morell prescribed aggressive medication for treatment, which included arsenic.  Morell had his own health issues with obesity and poor hygiene.  However Hitler trusted him.  He also provided methamphetamine to Hitler.  During the war, a form of methamphetamine was often given to Nazi soldiers so they could fight longer and have less fear.  At one time Hitler had sinus infection, and this was treated with an inhaler which included cocaine.  Hitler enjoyed this treatment.
Towards the end of the war, this is a film of Hitler honoring troops.  Parts of the film were hidden because Hitler had obvious signs of Parkinson's.  His hand was shaking and he kept it behind his back.
The conclusion is that Hitler was not mad.  His decisions could not be blamed on a mental illness; but on his own ideas.

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