Saturday, December 5, 2015

Documentary Review: Did Hitler Really Die by Suicide?

This documentary is sort of interesting.  It does not document that people saw Hitler in Argentina.  Instead it tries to focus on the story of Hitler's suicide and debunk the traditional story.  They examine the skull which was gathered by the Russians and said to be Hitler's.  Turns out that through DNA and visual review the skull is determined to be that of a woman.  The bones were gathered only after the body of Hitler had been burned.  Maybe the bones could have been those of his mistress?  The skull did have a bullet hole in it.
Also they try to debunk the stories of the eye witnesses who say they heard a gun shot.  There was a generator next to the room where the suicide took place, and the other rooms where people would have been were on a different level.  They contend no one could have heard a shot.
If you care to watch the movie and draw your own conclusion.  If Hitler lived, this would be terrible news.  You hope he got something for the evil he inflicted upon the world.

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