Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History

This documentary is more a treatise and the relationship between Dr. Theodor Morell and Adolf Hitler.  Dr. Morell became the personal physician to Hitler after he treated his stomach ailments which had long bothered Hitler.  Much of the information is from Morell's diary and other documents.  Morell was often in photographs with Hitler, often at his side.  He gave hitler many medicines, through injection and pill over the next few years to treat several different issues from stomach issues, nasal issues, anxiety, inability to sleep and what appears to be Parkinson's towards the end.  There is also indication that Hitler had a bad heart towards the end of the war, but the heart was fine a few years earlier.  It also mentions that Dr. Morell gave Hitler methamphetamine during the last stages of the war to help with anxiety issues.  This would have been a major dosage, and there were at lease nine injections.  Morell was in the Fuhrer bunker with HItler towards the end of the war, but was allowed to leave just a few days before the reported death of Hitler.  He was able to escape war-torn Berlin, but died a couple years after the war.

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