Friday, December 11, 2015

Science and the Swastika: The Deadly Experiment

This is a very disturbing documentary.  It starts talking about how the medical profession was a part of the holocaust.  Medical doctors directed who would die, and who was fit to work.  They declared many children needed to die, and sent them to the gas chambers.  In fact, they were involved in devising the method of death, and practiced how to keep people calm.  One approach was to have a medical vehicle at the gate so people brought to the gas chambers would be reassured.  I guess you don't believe that medical people can do such evil things; but they can.  A jewish doctor confronted them about the Hippocratic Oath.  The doctor responded that the Jewish people were a cancer, and they were just cutting out a cancer.  However the killing was not limited to just Jews.  It also included gypsies, those who were mentally ill, those who were using doctor beds which were needed for the wounded, and many more.
Some of the most evil things done were the experiments performed on people in the name of science.  One of these was the development of ways to make women infertile.  They would inject concoctions into the cervix of women, which would cause them to become infected.  Some died, and others were rendered infertile.  Other inhuman experiments were performed on twins, not always identical, and in fact sometimes close siblings snuck into the experiments.  Some of these people stayed alive.  Dr. Josef Mengele was the doctor villain who conducted these experiments.  They would involve infecting one twin with disease or other trauma, and then killing both twins and comparing the results.  Other times only one twin would did, and the other would survive.  Dr. Mengele also conducted experiments in Siamese twins.  Who would have perfectly healthy twins sewn together so he could watch what would happen.  Often his work also involved harvesting organs for experiments and for research hospitals.  Sometimes he would have to kill people to be able to harvest their organs.
This is pure evil.  Not all of these doctors paid for their crimes; although some did.  Dr. Mengele fled to South America, and was not found.

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