Saturday, January 23, 2016

Book Review: Grandpa's Stories: Rick Steber: Tales of the Wild West Vol. 10

Rick Steber is a story collector.  In this book, he tells the stories of old timers.  This is not just his grandfather, but many grandfathers telling the grandkids the stories of their youth.  Steber's stories tend to the northwest, as that is where he lived.  However they do spread farther, into California, and in this book he tells the story of Old Ephraim from Cache County, Utah.  His stories are always one page only, so sometimes he has to fit lots into just a few word.  I think this is because he wrote them for a radio program, where things had to be kept short.
We have stories about rattle snakes, and stories about stage coaching and wagoneering, farming. pirating, and conning.  There is a story about an intelligent mule, and several about native American traditions and the Nez Perce Indians in particular.
I personally enjoyed this book, and plan to read some more of this series.

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