Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nazi Mega Weapons Season 2: About V-1 Hitler's Vengeance Missle

The Nazi's developed the first cruise missile during WWII.  This is called the vengeance weapon as Hitler wanted to retaliate for heavy Allied bombing over Germany. This weapon gave him the opportunity to strike back.
  It is also known as the flying bomb.  They were next to impossible to stop after they had been launched.  However they also could not hit targets with any accuracy, but would hit general areas.  The Vengeance Rocket required a track for launching, and this provided a place for counterattack.  However, the tracks were eventually built in densely forested areas, and were kept as secret as possible.  Some of the concrete pillars which supported the tracks are still standing in France.  The track became progressively higher until the rocket took off.  These are the rockets that have a funny shape with the rocket above the bomb.  They were able to travel from France to England, and caused heavy damage in the battle of London.  In the end, when the Allies attack the German territory, and moved towards Berlin, they were able to overtake these sites, tor the sites were abandoned.  This weapon was before its time, with the cruise missile to follow in its wake.  However it was too little too late to effect the outcome of the war.

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