Thursday, January 7, 2016

Documentary Review: Nazi Mega Weapons: Fortress Berlin

This talks about the fortress that Berlin was turned into in the final days of the war.  There were different rings of fortifications.  Outside the city, tank traps were developed.  these would allow the tank to go down into a trench, and then it would be too difficult for the tank to get up the other side.  When the tanks were immobile the Germans would try to knock them out with hand held rocket launchers.  This defensive structure was very effective, 2000 tanks were destroyed.  However the overwhelming number of Russian tanks and men, 1,000,000, would not be denied.  The next ring war the river and canal around Berlin.  The Russians were able to take a bridge, and then they could gain access.  There were three large antiaircraft installations, with huge interiors, where 15,000 people could be accommodated.  People fled, in great numbers to these edifices, which had very thick impenetrable concrete.  IN the end the Russians left these buildings and went past them.  The anti-air guns made effective weapons against tanks as well, but these were neutralized.  Chaos was the rule during this time.  The German government insisted everyone fight.  The SS would rome the streets enforcing this edict.  They executed many people as examples so as to use fear to get others to fight.  This included soldiers and civilians.  The inner defenses were Hitlers bunker.  However Hitler had other plans with his own suicide rather than face the Russians.

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