Sunday, April 28, 2013

Movie Review: ***^The Emmett Smith Story

This is another BYU movie made in 1979.  Without the BYU movie, we wouldn't know his story.  Emmett Smith was a high school track and cross country coach.  He was also a marathon runner. However his career was cut short as the result of a tumor.  The tumor was removed, taken out through his ear, causing permanent damage to his ear.  He was told that he would no longer be able to run.  However this result wasn't acceptable to him.  As soon as he was back on his feet, he started to push the envelope, and he ran, for four steps before falling down.  He slowly made improvement.  He was told that if he focused on a tree and ran to the tree, he might be able to control his dizziness.  He went from tree to tree, but found sometimes he couldn't turn.  He ended up in the river a few times.  He had set a goal for himself to run 20 miles on the one-year anniversary of his operation.  He achieved his goal.
At school he was introduced to a young woman, Cindy Duncan, who was hit by a car, and should have died.  She was now wheel chair bound.  This was before the days of wheel chair buses and the disabilities act.  It was rare for people with challenges to be in regular school.  Cindy had to stick up for herself to be accepted.  Over time, she developed strength in her legs, and began to us crutches. Then, with Emmett, she set a goal, to walk up to the podium to get her diploma.  He agreed to take a wheel chair trip if she succeeded.  Three days before graduation she was not there, but to the cheers of the students and everyone in the auditorium, she walked to the podium to get her diploma.
Very inspirational movie.  I think it could have been called Cindy Duncan's story just as easily.
Still has the corny BYU music and script.  But as I said very inspirational.

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