Thursday, April 4, 2013

Movie Review: ***^The New World: Book of Mormon Documentary

Just finished watching this documentary available on You Tube.  It presents nuances from the book of Mormon, which are now being proven through archeology, and would point to increased faith in the book.  However I like the conclusion.  It is impossible to create a testimony based on archeology.  However archeology can strengthen the testimony which one may have through the spirit. Ior that reason, I find this type of movie very entertaining.

This movie presents 32 scholars, many BYU scholars, who talk about the Book of Mormon.  They talk of Nephi, King Benjamin, Captain Moroni, Helaman's 2000 warriors, the destruction when Jesus was crucified, the visit of Christ to the Americas, Mormon and Moroni.  Some very incredible insights and testimonies.  This film concludes with the statement, "It is all about Jesus Christ."  This is a worthy movie, but one must find a testimony in the traditional way, through God's spirit.

But if you're looking for a quick look at archeological summary of the Book of Mormon, check this You Tube short out.

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