Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Movie Review: ****Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless (to mmboe)

This is a 2010 documentary film shown on the Hub.  It shows Taylor Swift's rise in the music industry, the release of her first two albums, "Fearless" being the second, and the concert tour that resulted form that album.  It also includes video of most of the 13 songs from that album.
This is an interesting film, first because it shows you the determination of a girl to be a success in an industry which doesn't allow a lot of winners.  Swift was determined, but her dream was not accepted well at her school because she was different.  She and her family moved to Nashville to support her dream.  Swift wanted to record her own music, and was able to do that with Big Machine Records.  However her big break came with the release of "Fearless"  in 2008.  It includes the title song as well as "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me."
This movie goes into lots of detail about the concert which supported  the album.  This includes selection of the dancers, building of the set, rehearsals, p.r. and relations with fans.  Taylor Swift is very enthusiastic, and her enthusiasm is easily caught  by those around her.  We see her mother as well as her father.
An interesting part of the movie is Swift's song writing style.  She writes about her life experiences, a girl friend, freshman year of high school, boy relationships, bad and good (usually bad.)
I enjoyed this movie, but I like her music, at least the songs in this album.  I must admit, I have not followed her next two albums, but "Love Story" is as good as it gets.

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