Thursday, September 26, 2013

Documentary Review: ***^The Flight that Fought Back: United Flight 93

This is a very good documentary which deals with flight 93, which crashed into a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11.  This documentary was made for Discovery Channel and was narrated by Keifer Sutherland.  My only complaint, is being made for television, in sometimes repeated itself, like before commercial and after.  However other than that it was very good. 
It used interviews with surviving family members, and historical reenactment to tell its story.  They had also review airline tape, which is generally confidential.  Family members had been allowed to listen to some which was not accessible to the public.  They concluded that the passengers had breached the cockpit which resulted in the ship crashing into the field. The people on this flight, were in every sense of the world heroes.  They knew there was not much chance of survival, but even so the attacked their terrorist hijackers, and caused enough confusion that the terrorist were not able to achieve their objective. 

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