Saturday, September 21, 2013

What The Fremont Ate 1000 Years Ago

The Fremont people inhabited parts of Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Nevada from about 400 AD to 1360 AD.  That someone could conduct studies now, and gain an idea of what they at so long ago is amazing.  Traveling some among the ancient ruins, you often see granaries where corn was stored.  However corn was not as prevalent as you might think, although it was a stable go to food when other resources were not available. 
Pinon nuts, venison, pumpkin seeds, cattail, grouse, juniper berries and onion among other items were part of the diet.  Timothy Riley, anthropologist at Utah State University, Price Campus determined this by studying fossilized human waste called coprolites.  Coprolites are relatively rare.  He said "Coprolites actually do give you direct evidence that people were not just gathering these plants (cattails etc.) and using them for baskets and tools, they were also eating them.
I find it amazaing that we can learn things about people who lived long ago.
I read about this in the Utah State University Magazine, an article written by John DeVilbiss.

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