Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mormon Movie: Overview of Church History


If you can put up with the M.C., and attempts to be funny or entertaining, there is some good information here.  This documentary divides Church History in six periods: Beginnings, Two Church Centers, Nauvoo,The Church in the West, Expansion, and the Worldwide Church.

The Beginnings Period includes the first vision, restoration of the priesthood, publication of the book of Mormon and organization of the church. (270 members)
Two Church Centers includes the first construction of a temple in Kirtland, persecution in Missouri, Zions Camp, call of apostles and restoration of keys. (18,000 members)
Nauvoo period includes organization of the relief society, martrydom of Joseph Smith in Carthage, revelations with regards to baptism for the dead and temple marriage.  This period included completion of the Nauvoo Temple. (34,000 members)
In the West the church found refuge.  They colonized much of the Rocky Mountain area from Canada to Mexico.  Revelation on the work for the dead was received, as well as proclamation ending polygamy. Four temples completed.  (270,000 members)
Expansion period includes the building or more temples.  Welfare program was organized.  Two World Wars occurred in this period.  Revelation on redemption of the dead.  Apostles traveled around the globe.  (1.1 million members)
The Worldwide Church includes our day.  When made, church membership had passed 10 million.  Today it is 14.7 million.  This period includes taking the gospel to all the world.   There are now 75,000 missionaries.  There are 141 operating temples.  It is an exciting time.

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