Saturday, October 5, 2013

History of the Logan Tabernacle

In 1864 Heber C. Kimball told the Saints in Cache Valley to build a tabernacle.  In 1873 Brigham Young told them to build it larger.
A Look Back: The Logan Tabernacle

They began building in 1864 and completed the work in 1891 when it was dedicated by Wilford Woodruff.  Its final dimensions are 65 feet by 130.
However the building was used before this dedication date.  I wrote a blog post about the debate held in the basement of the tabernacle in 1889 between Joseph Smith III of the Josephite Church and Apostle Thatcher of the Utah Church.
This building is a monument to pioneer character.  Even more remarkable is that the Logan Temple was built at the same time, with even greater sacrifice.  However the buildings had different purposes. 


  1. I wrote a couple of articles years ago about the history of the Tabernacle. Jeff Simmonds write a nice 3 part serious about it also.

  2. My great-great-great-grandfather is named on the plaque outside the tabernacle. I'd love to have copies of the histories. Can you post links to them?

  3. It was taking Jeff Simmonds class that I wrote about the Reorganized Church in Cache Valley, and came across the story of the meeting in the basement of the tabernacle.