Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mormon Historical Movie: Endowed with Power
This movie tells the story of the Nauvoo Temple, and the people who showed up at the temple just before the Saints had to abandon it because they were being forced out of Nauvoo in February of 1846.  Brigham Young advices the people to leave the temple, to go home, and prepare to cross the Mississippi River.  However, many had not had the opportunity to complete their temple work.  Brigham Young left the temple, thinking the people would follow his example and leave.  However they lingered.  He was then moved with compassion upon them.  The temple was open all night, as additional Saints were able to participate in the blessings of the temple.  The temple was open all night, and 295 persons received ordinances. 
The movie jumps forward forward to the laying of the corner stone for the Salt Lake Temple in 1853.  At this meeting, Brigham Young instructs the people of the need for temple work.
Excerpts from Howard W Hunter's talk on temple work is then presented.  "It does matter where you marry, and by what authority you are pronounced man and wife.  All of our efforts...lead to the holy temple..."  Then are presented several testimonies of members of the Church, and the blessing the have received from the temple. 

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