Friday, October 11, 2013

Mormon History Movie: How Rare a Possession: The Book of Mormon movie depicts the scenes of Parley P. Pratt finding the Book of Mormon which were also presented as a separate movie.  This version adds another story; that of Vincenzo di Fancesca, and Italian pastor of the 20th Century.  He toured the United States, and became a preacher, with a gift for preaching.  He found a book, which was old and the Title of the book and title page had both been lost.  This was the Book Of Mormon, unbeknown to him.  He read the book, and became convinced of its veracity through prayer and the Holy Ghost.  He began preaching from the book.  He shared stories of special meaning--Nephis's vision of the Virgin Mary, King Benjamin's discourse on service, an other significant stories.  He actually became quite successful preaching.  However the brotherhood of the faith censored him, telling him to burn the book or be expelled.  He couldn't burn the book, as he was convinced of its truth.  He served in WWI.  Even during the war he was disciplined for preaching from the book.  It wasn't until after the war, he discovered the book's origin as the Book of Mormon.  Made efforts to be baptized, but politics prevented him from meeting with anyone who could baptize him.  This story documents his struggle.  WWII got in his way.  It wasn't until after the war that he was finally able to fulfill this goal.  He was by then an old man. 
In his study of the book, the movie also portrays important scenes form the Book of Mormon.

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