Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mormon Historical Video: Organization of the Church

This is a short video  shows a historical depiction of the events around the reestablishment of the Church in the Peter Whitmer home April 6, 1830.  It includes the events leading up to the restoration, including the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and the First Vision.  The original movie was produced by the Church in 1982.  The original is here:

 It truly was a marvelous day.  It included voting to accept Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery as their spiritual leaders, baptisms of all now that they were baptized into the church, the sacrament for the first time in this dispensation, confirmations and the gift of the Holy Ghost, and priesthood ordinations.  President Kimball's message from the 150 year anniversary is provided at the end of the video.  He was addressing the church from the Peter Whitmer home.  The Church which started with six members, as per the law of the state of New York, then numbered millions. 

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