Monday, November 11, 2013

Church History Video: An Ensign to the Nations
It is in 8 parts on You Tube
This is a film produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and narrated by President Gordon Hinckley.  This movie does not use historical reenactment, by historical documentary style, pictures and quotations and talk of experts in Church history, or friends of the people involved.  It starts talking of the story of Heber Kimball and the missions of those who went him to England.  This includes the spread of the gospel from England to other European countries.  It then follows the church to the Pacific where in Samoa there had been a prophecy of the church coming by an elder.  The growth, through sacrifice came to other island nations.  Then it follows the church to South America where the land was dedicated for the gospel in 1925 by Melvin J Ballard who predicted growth would be slow to start, but then there would be tremendous growth.  South American now has the countries with the third most and second most members. 
The movie then focuses on the church in Asia, Hong Kong and Korea.  These are incredible stories of faith.  In Africa we here the story of a gentleman who twice had a dream of the Salt Lake temple.  He had to wait for 13 years for the gospel to reach him, but it finally did.  Lastly it tells the story of the church in Eastern Europe.  Here President Monson played an important part, feeling impressed to tell the Saints there, when the iron curtain was still in place, that they would one day have all the blessings of the gospel.  President Kimball was impressed to ask the members of the church for the Lord to create the circumstance so the gospel could be preached freely in these countries.

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