Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration
This is a historical reenactment of the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith as told through the eyes of his mother, Lucy Mack Smith.  This is a very entertaining movie made by the Church in2005.  It depicts Joseph's childhood briefly, but focuses a great deal of attention on the first vision and Moroni and the book of Mormon.  It also makes Joseph's courtship of Emma real, and shows the disappointment of his father-in-law.  It shows many of the trials and persecutions Joseph faced throughout his life.  It also shows the trials of the people he lead. 
Of course a historical reenactment cannot show every detail, and there are parts that were glossed over.  One of these was the reason for Joseph going to Carthage.  It was hinted this was because of Missourians, but does not talk about the local problems in Nauvoo.
This is a great movie.  It lives you feeling good, and shows period costumes and manners.  It seems the mob may be too mobbish, with teeth missing and ugly grins.  It seems that they may not all have been such rough men.
One of the best scenes is in Missouri, when Joseph was held prisoner and he rebukes the guards for they way they are talking.  Very powerful. 

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