Saturday, November 16, 2013

Documentary Review: ***^Extreme Christmas Trees

This movie presented lots of Christmas trees, starting with Rio De Janeiro where the tree is so big and so bright it can be seen on the moon.  Then the brought the focus back to the United States.  There was the biggest tree inside a residence, and I was sure they were going to break some antique furniture getting that thing into the house. 
The one that intrigued me the most was the ten-foot Christmas tree cake.  It had a train made of cake going around the bottom.  It was a donated cake for a charity. 
The lobster trap tree was really interesting.  This was made in Maine, and was a way to honor the history of lobstering in the area.  Lobster traps were tied together, and then it was decorated with the buoys of the fishermen. 
In Michigan there was a 300 member high school tree choir, meaning the choir sang perched on the Christmas tree.  Some of the kids were feeling faint and had to come down, but they were prepared with a nurse.  I guess the lights were hot and conditions cramped.  There was a bed and breakfast in Georgia where the hosts had Christmas trees in every room, and upon these trees the had antique decorations.  A collection worth over $100,000.  Of course one broke, but everyone was happy in the end.  There was also a tree made with antlers, antlers from smaller deer at the top, larger deer in the middle, and elk at the bottom.  There was one guy and his tree I didn't understand.  He decided to have a tree hanging from the roof, and going through the two stories of his home.  He had to knock holes in two ceilings to make his idea work.  He also needed help from the fire department.  To each his own.  As best I can tell this was a 2011 Discovery Channel production. 

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