Thursday, November 21, 2013

Historic Temple Square

Ever hear the term Historic Temple Square.  This short documentary explains this, and also gives first hand accounts of people who visit, and of the sister missionaries who share temple square with others. 
In 1847, just a few days after the pioneers entered Salt Lake Valley, Brigham Young selected a spot for the temple saying, "Here we will build a temple to our God." Temple Square surrounds the temple, and is the center of the layout of Salt Lake Valley.  Many historic events have taken place in ten acre square, from welcoming new pioneers, including the handcart companies, to the Tithing House being in this vicinity, Hotel Utah across the street, the Assembly Hall and the Tabernacle have hosted many performances, and conferences, and historic occasions.
Temple Square is decorated with thousands of lights for Christmas, and it itself is a light to the world.

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