Friday, August 15, 2014

Biographical Book Review: Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone: On My Own Biography by Tom Streissguth, illustration by Loren Chantland, Carolrhoda Book, Minneapolis, MN 2002.
This book spans the life of Daniel Boone who was born in 1734 and passed away in 1820.  During that time he was responsible for paving the way for the settlement of the West, whether that is good or bad.  He had many clashes with native Americans, some good and some bad.  His son was killed in a raid when they were first moving to Kentucky.  However he also had many good relations and friends among the Native Americans.  They taught him many of their skills, how to hunt, how to track, how to live in the wilderness, and he formed many friendships with them. 
Daniel Boone met many trials in his exploits to live in the “wilderness.”  However, eventually after much trial his efforts were repaid.  He established the community of Boonesborough in Kentucky.  He help establish the Wilderness road from the east into Kentucky.  He became famous for his exploits and wilderness principles, his undying faith in his goals and his typifying the American drive to be free.

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