Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eva Peron: Best Kept Secret: Lobotomy

Eva looks terrible here voting for Peron in November 1951
Lobotomy: The History of a Secret Operation: Complete Story from Telenoche: UNICO (March 2014)
This is a strange story presented almost 65 years after Eva's death.  I don't think the jury is completely out on this.  As we know, Eva Peron died of uteran cancer at age 33.  The contention of this story is that she had a lobotomy shortly before her death to help her deal with the pain from the cancer.  This involved the cutting of a nerve or nerves in her brain, in an attempt to turn off her emotional reaction to the pain.  Among other things, this procedure is credited with allowing her to ride with her husband Juan Peron for his second inauguration as president of Argentina.  I am thinking the procedure was done after Eva's famous speech where she declined to seek the vice presidency. 
The story goes that an American doctor, the doctor for the Kennedys, flew to Argentina to perform the procedure.  They did have testimony from nurse, but also read in journal that he had flown to Argentina to perform this procedure.  What they could not find was the x-rays of Eva's head which were taken after her death.  They argue this is because they were purposefully hidden to keep the secret.  Some ay Eva did not even know that she had received the procedure, or that an American doctor had operated on her; because of bad feelings towards Americans this would have not been allowed. 
I think they make a good case, although not airtight, for their premise.

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