Sunday, August 24, 2014

Conspiracy? Lincoln Assassination

This is a presentation from the History Channel.  It has a warning preceding and after the presentation that the information is controversial, and not necessarily true but presented to give people an opportunity to respond. 
Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone, or was he part of a broader conspiracy?  We know there was some coordination, because Oswald acted with others to decapitate the government.  There were other attacks the same night, against Secretary of State William H. Seward, and the Vice President Andrew Johnson (planned but not carried out). 
In addition to this, evidence of Oswald traveling to Canada, and there meeting members of the Confederate Secret Service, and after returning making a deposit of $1500 into his account, which money could be used to attract others to his plan.
One might say that the Confederacy would not be involved, that war was not made this way at that time.  However, after the Dahlgren affair, where a Union attempt to assassinate Jefferson was discovered, and after the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln was deemed as an open target.  
So the arguments are, Oswald acted alone, out of hatred for Lincoln and his own racial bigotry, or he was part of a plot, and some escaped prosecution.  That those working with Oswald were just a local group of near-do-wells.  And those were mopped up with the trials, which looked for further conspirators, including Jefferson Davis, but found no evidence.  The for executed and the other four prosecuted was all involved. 
The other argument is there is evidence pointing to a connection between Oswald and Confederate operatives in Canada who have a direct tie back to the Confederacy.

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