Thursday, August 7, 2014

Documentary Review: Korea: The Forgotten War

Korea: The Forgotten War, Lou Reda Production 1987, rereleased The History Channel
Robert Stack provides the narration for this documentary which uses news releases and news footage, narration, pictures and maps to tell the story of the Korean War.  This war started when North Korea invaded South Korea. The North Korean forces almost conquered the entire country.  The United Nations authorized a police action to push North Korea back.    This was done with some great difficulty, and a flanking sea landing at Inchon which many felt could not be done because of the harbor being effected by tides.  However it was accomplished, and tides changes with the U.N. forces pushing the Koreans back until almost the entire peninsula was conquered.  Douglas MacArthur made a critical error in judgement, thinking the Chinese would not enter the war as was rumored; but entered they did, and the U.N. forces were driven back and many surrounded.  Only in an heroic march were they able to get out.  This included the onset of winter.  The 10th corp was evacuated by sea, and then moved to form a defensive line. 
After this the U.N. forces made some progress, but eventually both sides were stalled.  From 1951 to 1954 little progress was made either was.   An armistice treaty created a temporary peace which has lasted since the 1854.  It established a Demilitarized Zone along the 38th parallel.  This police action cost over 35,000 American lives, but total deaths were over one million.

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