Saturday, July 4, 2015

Martin Company Handcart Pioneer: Thomas Porrit Jr., 7

Thomas’ parents joined the church when he was young.  His father traveled with the missionaries, and on time contracted pneumonia sleeping on the ground.  He passed away when Thomas was not yet two-years-old.  Thomas traveled with his mother and three older siblings.  Sometime they had fresh fish on the ship Horizon as the Captain would trade nails with the fishermen for fish.  Crossing the plains the family experienced, “carts breaking down, heat, rain, mud, fatigue, hunger, cold and death.  Thomas’s sister, Jane, 9, died on the journey while the rest of the family survived.  Thomas married another handcart survivor, Sarah Hampton.  Her stepfather did not approve of the marriage, but her mother did, and lowered Sarah’s clothes to her from an upstairs window so they could run away and be married.  Thomas and his wife settled in Utah and parented 13 children. 

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