Wednesday, July 1, 2015

President Martin, 38: Martin Handcart Company

Edward Martin, Captain of the Martin Handcart Company was a returning missionary.  He would have been serving his church for three years before returning to his family.  He was actually a native of Great Britain.  He was also a veteran of the Mormon Battalion, and would have walked with the Battalion across the United States.  The privations with the Battalion were severe and he said, “We did it for Christ and the Gospel’s Sake.”  Captain Martin guided the last handcart company to leave Iowa City.  At Florence the company lead by Jesse haven joined the Martin Handcart Company while President Haven helped with the wagon companies.  Josiah Rogers wrote high praise of Captain Martin.  “When out company was traveling he was in the front, in the center, and in the rear, aiding, assisting, and cheering in every instance needed.”
While the company was at Martin’s Cove, captain Martin and a group of men set out for Devil’s Gate.  AN unexpected snow storm overtook them.  They lost their way.  They tried to start a fire, and finally on their last match where able to accomplish their aim.  The light from the fire alerted the handcart pioneers that people were in danger and they went to the rescue.  The group was only a half mile from Martin’s Cove.
Mormon Battalion

Mormon Missionaries, middle right

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