Friday, July 3, 2015

Martin Handcart Pioneer: Thomas Caton Riley, 12

Thomas’ mother and his grandfather were some of the first to be baptized in England.  Thomas’ mother, Mary Riley was determined to move she and her son to Zion.  As she made preparations, Thomas was kidnapped by his father’s sister.  Fortunately he was returned in time to catch the Horizon.  As his mother was poor, the traveled with the handcarts.  The traveled with another family, Grace Wignall, Thomas’ mother’s friend, and her husband and six children.  They were cold, and eventually became snow bound.  Grace announced to Mary that they were to be rescued as she had a heavenly messenger in the night.  Men were to arrive when Thomas’ mother was combing Grace’s hair.  Sure enough, the first three rescuers arrived about 9 a.m. as Mary was combing Grace’s hair.  They were Joseph A. Young, Daniel W. Jones and Cecil Garr.  They informed them provisions were at Greasewood Creek.  After arriving at Martin’s Cove, Grace’s husband becamse ill.  Grace called the Elders to administer to him, and his health was immediately restored.

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