Saturday, July 4, 2015

Native American Two-part Arrow

This is my second blog on these interesting arrows.  The first is here.  I have learned more about them at the Indian Grinding Rock State Park.  The arrows are not only two-part, but the part with the arrow head can come in several different forms making for a more utilitarian arrow.


In the last picture you see four different point which could be placed in the base shaft.  The upper is used around water fowl.  If you miss, the bobber thing would make the arrow float so you could find it.  The next has a base so it wouldn't penetrate too far.  This arrow would be used for hunting birds and leave most of the feathers whole.  Then there is a basic hunting arrow, and then a barbed arrow.  This last larrow would be very difficult to remove.  It may have been used for fish.  However if that arrow were in an animal or person, it wasn't going to come back out without causing lots of damage.

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