Monday, January 16, 2017

HBO's "Nazi Gold in Argentina" Trailer

The video above is to the trailer, however I watched the full documentary on Netflix.  I am not sure what to think after watching this.  Much of the documentary was reenactment, and much of it was boring, but the basic premise was that by examining declassified American documents, and international plot to move Nazis and Nazi gold to Argentina took place during the time that Juan Peron was president of Argentina.  Rudolfo Freude, who was close with the brother of Eva Peron, managed the network which facilitated so many Nazis to escape to Argentina, in exchange for gold which had been stolen from Jews were had been killed in concentration camps.  Apparently much of the Peron's wealth came from these sources.  There was a German community by Bariloche, in the South of Argentina which had a significant population at one time.  After Eva passed away, her brother was later arrested for his involvement.
A murder plot had been set up for Peron.  However this video also shows that Peron fled to the Delta (close to Tigre) and stayed in the residence of a German national.  Because he broke his normal routine, his life was spared.  From here Peron was eventually arrested, but there was time to organize the labor movement who clamored for his release.  From there his election to the presidency was almost foregone.
I still don't know what to think.  The producers contend that dead men don't talk, and there were many murders to maintain the secrecy of this program.  However the secrecy held for 60 years if their contention is true.

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