Monday, January 9, 2017

Documentary Review: The Lion İn Your Living Room

This documentary is fascinating.  There are things about cats we take for granted, but one of their most intriguing qualities is their mystery.  There seems to something more going on in their little heads.  This documentary delves into this.  did man domesticate cats, or did cats domesticate man?  It seems that the relationship may be more about what cats can get out of the relationship, easy food.  Our cat only seems to love me when his stomach tells him to.  This documentary comments on the evolution of the cat as a domesticate animal.  It indicates that they first come from the Middle East, and then through Egypt, and from there to all the world.  The other really interesting thing is the route travelled by cats every day as they inspect their territory.  Of course cats share territory, and there are only problems when their paths cross.

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