Monday, January 16, 2017

Native American Story: Great Eagle and Small One

Great Eagle and Small One by Ralph Moisa Jr., Perfection Learning, Logan, Iowa, 1997.
This is a very good short story about an great Eagle, very proud in his appearance and abilities, who is taught a higher lesson by the Great Spirit.  Lightning strikes the eagle, ruffling and damaging his feathers, and taking a leg.  The eagle struggles to relearn life with one leg, and a hampered flying ability.   He grows discouraged and wants to give up, but Little One, another eagle to whom Great Eagle had previously showed kindness, shows kindness to him.  Little One provides nourishment, until great Eagle learns how to hunt again.  the story concludes that both eagles learned something about the inner spirit.  The lesson is basically that sometimes you are the receiver of gifts, and sometimes the giver.  this is a basic fact of life.  Without each other life would be so much harder.

This book also includes a bonus section, which talks about the different kinds of eagles, where they live and what they eat.  Great eagle is a golden eagle, which is of the booted eagle class.

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