Sunday, January 22, 2017

Oakland Temple Hill Historic Tour

This is a pamphlet from the church.  The Temple Hill was used annually for an Easter presentation before construction of the temple.  The property was purchased in 1943.  My dad writes in his letters during the war of helping to establish a soldiers home at a church property in Oakland, and I assume that was on the grounds.  Construction of the area began in 1956 and of the temple 1962 with dedication of the temple in 1964 by President McKay.

The tour suggests four buildings, the visitors center, The Brooklyn memorial, The Inter Stake Center and the Temple
The visitors center

One of my highlights of my temple visits is to step onto the deck of the Brooklyn.  This memorial was added to the site in 1996.  The ship Brooklyn brought Saints to California.  It included those who settled in Fremont, Hayward, New Hope (San Joaquin County) and other areas in California.

The view of Oakland is tremendous
The interstake center
The fountains
There is now a fountain coming off the temple.  The fountains always recycle the water, using it over and over.

The panels are beautiful.  A special clamp was developed to help in their placement as the panels weigh over 12 tons.  Also if you are visiting, don't neglect the terrace flower gardens which are beautiful any time of year.

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