Sunday, September 20, 2015

Documentary Review: The Cokeville Miracle: Inside Room 4: The Survivors' Testimonies

This is part of the bonus material for The Cokeville Miracle movie.  The Cokeville Movie is the story of a terrorist attack on the elementary school of Cokeville, in which over a hundred students and their teacher were held hostage for over two hours under the threat of being shot or bombed.  They brought a home made bomb with them.  The bomb in fact went off in the school.  However no one was killed but the attackers.  Many of the children described angels who were with them.  These angels often turned out to be deceased ancestors.  One of the attackers, Doris, accidentally ignited the bomb and set herself on fire.
These interviews are fascinating.  In the interviews we see and hear the real people from the movie, albeit almost 30 years after the fact.  There are interviews with townspeople, students kindergarten to sixth grade at the time of the bombing, high school students, parents, and public officials.  It is truly an incredible story, and made even more real and poignant by the interviews.   The officer who conducted the investigation, who did not believe in angels, described how he came to believe.  The physical evidence matched what people were telling him, and when the two match, what other choice is there.
The students were able to talk about the emotional scars they still carry.  Some are hyper-vigilant to this day, and some avoid crowds.  It seems the process of coming together to talk about the event for this film was a healing process for those who took part.  However, I am sure there is more healing to do.

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