Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Elizabeth White: Hunt Wagon Company Pioneer

Elizabeth White was eighteen when she traveled with her mother and siblings.  They traveled in the Hunt Company, which traveled with the Martin Handcart Company and were available to give them assistance.  They assisted the handcart pioneers at the last crossing of the Platte.  "Some of our man went through the river seventy-five times."  Elizabeth it seems was lively and optimistic.  Someone wrote a poem about her.

"While some were discouraged, downhearted and sad
Kind words were spoken which made our hearts glad
By little 'Miss White,' for that was her name
'Twill be brighter tomorrow so do not complain.'"

The hardest part of the journey was getting over Big Mountain in the snow.  She had to wear men's boots.  She was too short to fit into the footprints already made in the snow.  Upon seeing Salt Lake City it appeared "a patch of sagebrush covered with snow". Only upon arriving in town could the actually see it.
She was taken in by the bishop of Draper, whom she married, being his second wife.  The had eleven chiodren.

contributors: Tell My Story Too by Jolene Allphin and I Walked to Zion by Susan Arrington Madsen

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