Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mormon Handcart Rescuer: Robert Angus Bain

As a 26 year old young adultRobert Bain had a special interest in the handcart rescue, his family was traveling with the Willie Handcart Company. Despite his poor health he felt he must help.  His health improved as he traveled.   He was behind the first rescuers.  He looked for them at Fort Bridger, but was disappointed as they were not there.  He finally met the handcart pioneers after they had crossed the Green River.  He found all but his mother, who had just wandered off to die, but not in front of her children.  He found her under some sagebrush.  She was wasted away.  He gathered her in his arms and gave her some bread he had.  He brought her to camp and every day she regained more of her health.  Upon arriving they were taken in by Brother Willie.
Summarized from "Tell My Story Too" by Jolene Allphin

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