Monday, September 21, 2015

Handcart Rescuer: Redick Newton Allred

Redick Allred was quick to volunteer for the rescue operation, and was with George Grant, rescuer captain, with the first group that headed east with ten wagons of supplies.  They encountered an early storm and from that time he suffered with pleurisy.  They continued on but they were met with another storm. This was the same atom that got the stranded the handcarts.  Redick was asked to stay and watch cached supplies.  This would afford supplies for the pioneers after they were rescued, give more room for pioneers on the wagons and allow them to leave much of he slower cattle behind.  He waited for them at South Pass.  Some of the other rescuers who  stayed with him became convinced the pioneers were dead or stopped in the East. They tried to convince Redick to return to the Valley. This he would not do.  His determination earned him the nickname of "bulldog" from Captain Grant.  Brother Allred put it this way in his journal:
Brother Allred mentioned when he met Captain Grant on 17 Nov, 30 days after being left, Captain Grant said, "Hurrah for the Bull Dog—good for a hang on." (Allred, CH)  Allred, a former member of the  Mormon Battalion made this comment about his efforts.  “Thus ended one of the hardest & most successful Missions I had ever performed, for although the Mission with the Mormon Battalion was long hard & tedious, & therefore very severe, yet this was Short & Sharp in the extreme.” (ibid)

Taken from "Tell My Story Too" by Jolene Allphin and the unpublished history I am writing of Isaac Wardle.

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