Friday, September 18, 2015

Mormon Handcart Rescuer: Marshall Franklin Allen

Marshall Franklin Allen 23 when he participated in the rescue of 1856.  Frank at first decided not to go on the rescue.  It was too dangerous to be in the mountains that time of year and the risk was too great not knowing how far he would have to travel.  However he made it a matter of prayer, and had an answer before he had finished his prayer.  When Frank arrived at the Martin Compny campsite, he felt the need to go farther and look for stragglers.  He saw something in the hills, a speck.  However on investigating he discovered a young man who had been praying to die.  Frank got him on the horse and brought him to safety.  Frank settled in Hyrum, Utah.  Many years later he related this story to his grandchildren, with their ore grandparents present, George Housley.  George recognized the story as himself being rescued, and said it was his mother's prayers which kept him alive until help arrived.  George was almost 20 at the time, but small in stature,andthinfrom lack of food so looked younger.
Taken from "Tell My Story Too" by: Jolene Allphin


  1. David Shepherd: Gotta go clear back to the 1600s to find common ancestors with Marshall Franklin Allen. They were Thomas Dewey and Frances Randall. So Marshall is my 6th cousin 4 times removed. Not too close.

    Marianne Pricilla Miller: One of my ancestors was part of the group that was rescued.

    Donna E. Young: Marshall was my 6 cousin 6 removed. I have several others that had incredible stories. Love this Billy Wardle!!

  2. Marshall Franklin Allen is my great, great Grandpa and the young man that he found (George Frederick Housley) is also my great, great Grandpa. It has been a history we enjoy reminding our children about. That one Grandpa rescued another one!!