Sunday, September 11, 2016

Book Review: Utah Indian Stories

Utah Indian Stories, by Milton R. Hunter, fourth edition, Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, Ut, 1960.
This book is an enigma.  It is not really Utah Indian Stories, but Utah pioneer stories about the Indians.  It tells over and over of the bravery of the pioneers in facing the Indians, and how their courage at times influenced the Indians so they would escape with their lives because of their bravery.   As a result most of the book is forgettable, except for the last few chapters.  There is a very good section on  Chief Black Hawk.  We actually see the life of a Native American.  We see him make a commitment to a Mormon Bishop, that none of his family would be touched.  however on of the Bishop's sons was killed.  He was ready to sacrifice his own life in an attempt to make things right.  We also see the conclusion of Black hawk's War.  When he was dying he tried to make amends by coming to peace with the Mormons.  He was dying of tuberculosis.

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