Sunday, September 11, 2016

Documentary Review: World War I in Colour: Catastrophe

The 28 of June 1914 in Sarajevo a bomb had been thrown at a car, the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the thrown, and his wife escaped harm.  However a few hours later, the car is stopped again, and this time an assassin kills the duke and his wife, Sophie with a pistol.  A terrorist organization back by Serbia is blamed.  Austria decides to punish the Serbs, and the countdown to war has begun.
On July 28 Austria declared war on Serbia.  The alignments of nations then came into play.  This included Great Britain, France and Russia having an alignment, and Russia being the protectorate of Serbia.  On the other side, Hungary Austria had an alignment with Germany.  Russia defending Serbia lead to Germany declaring war on Russia.  Britain followed declaring war on Germany on August 4.  The whole continent was falling into war.
At first  everyone declared that the war would be over by Christmas.  Had it been, it would have meant a German victory.  Germany attacked France through Belgium, and go to within 30 miles of Paris.  However a counterattack by the French forces, and the British Expeditionary Force was able to force the Germans to retreat.  This counterattack was helped by the Paris taxi cabs which transported many French forces to the battle.
On the other side of the war, Russia had successfully invaded Germany, only to see this offensive halted by counterattack with many Russians taken prisoner.
At the end of the first year are the scenes of the temporary Christmas truce between British, French and German forces.  However the war was not over by Christmas.

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